International missions


On Tuesday 16 March 2021, the Directorate-General Civil Security received a "Commemorative Award" in recognition of Belgium's exceptional commitment to the organisation of the European exercises (EUModex) taking place every year in the framework of the European Civil Protection Mechanism (ECPM).

The EU Civil Protection Mechanism

The overall objective of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism is to strengthen cooperation between the EU Member States, six Participating States and the UK. When the scale of an emergency overwhelms the response capabilities of a country, it can request assistance via the Mechanism.



B-FAST is an interdepartmental structure which organizes the dispatching of Belgian emergency assistance abroad. Belgian assistance abroad is coordinated at European level. At the request of the EU, Belgium then sends a B-FAST team (Belgian First Aid and Support Team).

High Capacity Pumping

The HCP module includes the available resources, in terms of (very) high capacity pumping, of the Belgian Civil Protection, and these resources can take part in case of severe flooding abroad. Its staff is specifically trained in using these resources.

Flood Rescue Using Boats

The FRUB module of the Belgian Civil Protection is capable of conducting search and evacuation operations for people and animals in flooded areas or of providing first necessity products to isolated victims in case of severe flooding.