The Civil Protection strengthens its pumping capacities, in case of large-scale flooding

Civil protection
Depuis peu, grâce au soutien financier de la Commission européenne, la Protection civile s’est dotée d’une nouvelle pompe à très haut débit (51.000 litres/minute). Elle vient s’ajouter au matériel existant du cluster HTD (Heavy Technical Deployment). La Protection civile dispose désormais de deux pompes de ce type, ce qui augmente considérablement ses capacités de pompage lors d’inondations de grande ampleur.
pompe à très haut débit (51.000 litres/minute)

The Civil Protection owns already a very high-speed Goliath pump, with a capacity of 66,000 litres per minute.

Aside from the fact that acquiring new equipment (HFS FloodModule) enables the Civil Protection to reinforce the availability and the capacity of its very high-speed pumping means, this new pump also offers the advantage of being easier to use in terms of transport, handling and storage. Indeed, as opposed to many other pumps, the pipes of this new pump are not made of metal but manufactured with a flexible material, which means the pipes are much less heavy and therefore much less cumbersome.

Amongst this new pump's major assets, there is the fact that its implementation requires less vehicles and operational staff (two trucks and four people) and that it can be used on a larger number of types of ground which do not necessarily have to be flat and stable. Consequently, the new device can be deployed more rapidly, as a prior check of the field of operations is no longer required.

Whereas the new pump is of course deployable in Belgium, it can be mobilized as well for a journey abroad with the Civil Protection's HCP (High Capacity Pumping) module which has been approved by the European authorities since May 2017.


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