International relief

Modules that can be put at the disposal of a country stricken by a disaster in the framework of the international relief. These modules are deployed with additional generic means that meet the international standards.

Modules in the framework of the international relief to a country stricken by a disaster.

The deployment is done with means that meet international standards.

These modules meet international standards (European Union and United Nations):

  • USAR Medium
  • Storm
  • Forest Fire Fighting Support
  • CBRN detection
  • CBRN
  • Mass decontamination
  • DVI
  • High capacity pumping 1
  • High capacity pumping 2
  • High capacity pumping 3
  • Marine Pollution

They are called through DICa-DIR (detachment for intervention in case of disasters abroad) with additional generic means (specifically trained personnel and equipment) that allow them to be self-supporting on the scene.